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Fiesta Strings - Duo, Trio, Quartet


The Fiesta Strings are highly professional string players who constantly perform at a variety of weddings and events.

Different combinations of the string instruments can be grouped to suit your occasion. Whether it is a corporate function, wedding, a concert or merely soothing background music for your event, we can suit the mood!

The Fiesta Strings have a number of performers for each instrument. This allows for an increase in our availability on any given date. The players can be combined, in the groups mentioned here, to suit your preferences in terms of budget and space.

A String Duo would be an excellent choice for smaller, more intimate functions. The light classical background music would bring life to any event. Instrumental group combinations include: violin + viola.

A String Trio would suit most events. Due to the added performer, the repertoire is expanded. Instrumental group combinations include: violin + viola + cello.

The String Quartet is the ultimate medium in terms of sound and available repertoire. Instrumental group combinations include: two violins + viola + cello.


2 – 4 Piece String Group


Ideal for

  • Weddings
  • Background Music
  • Cocktail Parties



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