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Rodger Fox Music Services is a music production company founded by multi award winning producer and music entrepreneur Rodger Fox who has a history of more than 40 years in the music business. Rodger Fox Music Services offers music production services - like arranging and composing for either live or recorded projects, all recording, mixing and mastering, artist management, social media and marketing consulting.

Music composition

We specialise in creating original music to a brief for any styles of musical presentations.

  • Advertising
  • Film
  • Documentary
  • Shows
  • Rock Band

If you require to have something composed to sound-alike we have a full creative team who can organise such a composition.

Full Music Arranging Service

Whether it’s scoring an orchestral piece, designing sound effects, rock horn arrangements or conjuring up a light-hearted jingle for a radio or TV ad s– you can be sure that our work will engage and get to the heart of the project

  • Big Band
  • String Group
  • Full Orchestra
  • Funk / Rock Group - Horn Section
  • Woodwinds ( Flutes, Clarinets, Bass Clarinet etc )
  • Arrangement for Vocalists ( Any size or combination of group)
  • Soundscapes

Musicians Services

We have a full roster of musicians who are available to record any music you require from and big band, full orchestra, rock/funk band and solo artists we have it covered.

Music Production

We have a selection of recording engineers and producers who have over forty years of experience. Including six time Jazz TUI award winners, one time Grammy award and several APRA Silver Scroll winners.

Voiceover artiste sourcing and recording

Using the right voiceover artiste is vital if you are to engage your audience and convey a message clearly. We deal with most big voiceover agencies and can help you find the right sounding voice for your project.




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