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Over the last 50 years, the Rodger Fox Big Band has become an institution, creating a unique and unrivalled contribution to the New Zealand arts and music scene. On a shoestring budget, we have performed throughout New Zealand along with some of the biggest names in jazz and blues.

Many of these artists have also given much of themselves back to music, for example, presenting educational workshops.

New Zealand jazz and blues fans have been able to see these artists in concert through a lot of hard work both musically and financially by Rodger Fox and members of the big band.

We very much thank for your support and donation so we can continue our efforts to keep fostering jazz and blues in New Zealand.

Best regards
Rodger Fox Big Band

Other ways to give

Have you considered leaving something to the work of the Rodger Fox Big Band in your Will? It’s a great way to leave something good for when you no longer need it yourself.

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