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New works written by New Zealand composers recorded and produced by the Rodger Fox Big Band.

Recorded in July 2019, this album features all original compositions by members of the band and other New Zealand composers.

Track listing:

(1) Resolute

Composed & Arranged Lauren Ellis
Solos: Anita Schwabe - Piano, Oscar Lavën – Tenor Saxophone, Louisa Williamson – Alto
Saxophone, Lauren Ellis - Drums

(2) Taranaki

Composed Brian Smith, Arranged Vaughn Roberts
Solo: Oscar Lavën – Tenor Saxophone, Rodger Fox – Trombone, Lauren Ellis - Drums

(3) Stretchin’ with Gretchen

Composed & Arranged Oscar Lavën
Solos: Anita Schwabe – Piano, Bryn van Vliet – Alto Saxophone, Rory Macartney – Bass.

(4) One Step Ahead of the Blues

Composed John Key, Arranged Gordon Brisker
Solo: Rodger Fox - Trombone

(5) Alifë

Composed & Arranged Bryn van Vliet
Solos: Bryn van Vliet – Flute, Anita Schwabe - Piano

(6) Remembering

Composed & Arranged Chris Selley
Solos: Deane Hunter – Guitar, Oscar Lavën – Tenor Saxophone

(7) Caribbean Cruise

Composed Liam Ryan, Arranged Daniel Hayles
Solo: Rodger Fox – Trombone, James Guilford - Trumpet

(8) ) H.M.S Grand Motorboat of the Seas

Composed & Arranged Ben Hunt
Solos: Bryn van Vliet – Alto Saxophone, Lauren Ellis - Drums


The aim of this project is to produce an album of new works written by New Zealand composers recorded and produced by the Rodger Fox Big Band.

The Rodger Fox Big Band has always been keen to promote New Zealand based composers and to provide them with an outlet for their work. At this stage in the bands life it has commissioned / recorded / performed more than 70 New Zealand compositions. We believe this project is an opportunity to celebrate the excellent work done by our local composers and that this album has the potential to become a valuable resource for educators. Scores of all the works will be available both nationally and internationally through the band website for other bands to study and perform which
will give visibility to our composers.

Special thanks for Creative New Zealand for their support of this project.

This recording would not exist without the continuing support of all the members of the Rodger Fox Big Band.
I am grateful for that support.

Many many thanks



Rodger Fox plays Yamaha Trombones

Lauren Ellis plays Yamaha Drums

Eilish Wilson – plays Yamaha Baritone Saxophone

Rory Macartney endorses Aguilar Amplification


Recorded at New Zealand School of Music, Wellington, New Zealand

Recording engineer Richard Caigou

Mixed at Tritone Studios, Los Angeles

Mixing and mastering engineer Talley Sherwood

Special thanks to Creative New Zealand

Graphic Design: Andrew Aguilar

(p) & © 2020 T-Bone Records No 029 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



Rodger Fox – Trombone / Musical Director


Bryn van Vliet – Alto / Flute
Louisa Williamson – Alto
Oscar Lavën – Tenor Solos on tracks 1, 2 & 6
Nicholas Baucke-Maunsell - Tenor
Frank Talbot - Tenor
Eilish Wilson – Baritone




Ben Hunt
Jack Harre
James Guilford
Chris Selley


Christopher Fox
Kaito Walley
Damian Forlong
Kurt Gibson


Anita Schwabe


Deane Hunter


Rory Macartney


Lauren Ellis




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