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You Gotta Know

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Recorded at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY, January 2020


Track listing:

(1) New Tune 

Composed & Arranged Rory Macartney
Solos: Oscar Laven – Tenor Saxophone, Eilish Wilson – Baritone Saxophone,
Jack Harre – Scream Trumpet

(2) Eat This

Composed & Arranged Michael Booth
Solos: Bryn van Vliet – Alto Saxophone, Rodger Fox - Trombone,
Michael Booth – Trumpet, Anita Schwabe - Piano

(3) The Disease

Composed & Arranged Callum Allardice
Solos: Louisa Williamson – Tenor Saxophone, Ben Hunt – Trumpet
Kaito Walley - Trombone

(4) Velvet Dream Assured

Composed & Arranged Callum Allardice
Solos: Eilish Wilson – Baritone Saxophone, Ben Hunt – Trumpets,
Anita Schwabe - Piano


(5) Carry My Blues way

Composed Mike Farrell, Arranged Vaughn Roberts
Solo: Erna Ferry – Vocal and Harmonica, Deane Hunter - Guitar

(6)  Sensitive To A Smile

Composed & Arranged Daniel Hayles
Solo: Erna Ferry – Vocal, Rodger Fox – Trombone, Oscar Laven – Tenor Saxophone

(7) You Gotta Know

Composed & Arranged Francisco Torres
Solo: Erna Ferry – Vocal, Rodger Fox - Trombone

(8) No Doctor Required

Composed & Arranged Christopher Fox
Solos: Frank Talbot – Alto Saxophone, James Guilford - Trumpet

(9) Sonny Step

Composed & Arranged Alan Broadbent
Solos: Erna Ferry – Vocals, Oscar Laven - Saxophone



Rodger Fox – Trombone / Musical Director

Erna Ferry - Vocalist


Bryn van Vliet – Alto
Frank Talbot – Alto
Oscar Laven – Tenor
Louisa Williamson - Tenor
Eilish Wilson – Baritone


Mike Booth – Lead Tracks 3,4,5,
Ben Hunt – Lead Tracks 1,2,8
Jack Harre - Lead Tracks 6,7,9
James Guilford
Chris Selley


Christopher Fox
Kaito Walley
Damian Forlong
Kurt Gibson


Anita Schwabe


Deane Hunter


Rory Macartney

Drums / Percussion

Lance Philip



Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn New York

Recording and mixing engineer Aaron Nevezie

Additional engineering and assistant-Alex Conroy

Mastering Engineer-Alex DeTurk

Special thanks to Creative New Zealand

Graphic Design: Stebbing Design

(p) & © 2020 T-Bone Records No 028 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Produced by RODGER FOX

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