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Rodger Fox Big Band Featuring King Kapisi

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U Can’t Resist Us

Won’t Stop Can’t Stop

Elimination Process

Screems from Da Old Plantation

Elemental Forces

Subcranium Feelings   


Raise Up

1.  U Can’t Resist Us 5.07

Composed: Bill Urale

Arranged: Thomas Faure

Featuring: Oscar Lavën – Tenor Saxophone

2.  Won’t Stop Can’t Stop 5.29

Composed: Bill Urale

Arranged: Matt Harris

Featuring: Gus Reece – Guitar

3.  Elimination Process 6.04

Composed: Bill Urale

Arranged:  Matt Harris

Featuring: Bryn van Vliet – Alto Saxophone

4.  Screems from Da Old Plantation 5.48

Composed: Bill Urale, K.Futialo

Arranged: Bryn van Vliet 

Featuring: Rodger Fox – Trombone

5.  Elemental Forces 4.07

Composed: Bill Urale

Featuring: Daniel Hayles

6.  Subcranium Feelings 4.02

Composed: Bill Urale, Andy Morton

Arranged: Rodger Fox

Featuring: Aidan McCulloch – Tenor Saxophone

7. Saboteur 6.26

Composed: Bill Urale, Teremoana Rapley

Arranged:  Thomas Faure

Featuring: Gus Reece – Guitar

8Raise Up 5.49

Composed: Bill Urale, M.Luafutu, T.Keisha

Arranged: Rodger Fox

Featuring: Oscar Lavën – Tenor Saxophone

Rodger Fox – Trombone


The Rodger Fox Big Band (RFBB) featuring King Kapisi with Erna Ferry ‘The Brotherman Project’  fuses modern big band sound and Aotearoa-New Zealand Hip-hop. This has been achieved by blending the sound of the RFBB with that of iconic New Zealand hip-hop artist, King Kapisi.

King Kapisi was the first hip-hop artist in New Zealand to receive the prestigious Silver Scroll Award at the APRA Awards for Songwriter of the Year for his single Reverse Resistance in 1999. King Kapisi uses hip-hop to promote the message of ‘keeping it real’ through your culture, learning your language, and knowing ‘where you are from’.

The RFBB is widely acknowledged as New Zealand’s leading exponent of big band music and, over its long history, has always been one to break the barriers by collaborating with international classical artists Michael Houstoun and Simon O’Neill – Classical meets Jazz, and with the RFBB’s most
recent releases Reimagined! The RFBB plays Sir Dave Dobbyn, and RFBB Plays Hone Tuwhare.

Now dig the sounds of big band jazz meets hip hop. It has been a fantastic project to be involved with.

Best, Rodger and Kaps.



King Kapisi – Vocal/Rap

Rodger Fox – Music Director / Trombone

Erna Ferry – B/V  and Vocals


Bryn van Vliet: Alto One / Flute & Clarinet– Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8

Alex Trask: Alto One / Flute & Clarinet – Tracks 5, 6

Nicholas Baucke – Maunsell: Alto Two / Flute / Clarinet

Oscar Lavën: Tenor One / Clarinet

Aidan McCulloch: Tenor Two

Dylan Holmes: Baritone


Cameron Robertson – Lead

Mathew Stenbo

James Guilford: Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8

Chris Selley

Hayden Richardson: Tracks 4, 7


Chris Fox – Lead

Kaito Walley

Damian Forlong

Kurt Gibson


Anita Schwabe


Gus Reece


Rory Macartney


Lance Philip



Recorded at New Zealand School of Music, Wellington, New Zealand
Recording engineer Richard Caigou

Mixed at Tritone Studios, Los Angeles
Mixing and mastering engineer Talley Sherwood

This project was funded by a grant from Youth Town and Aotearoa Jazz Education & Performance Trust Charitable.

Graphic Design:


@ © 2023 T-Bone Records No 0033

Produced by Rodger Fox & Talley Sherwood


Rodger Fox plays Yamaha Trombones

Lance Philip plays Yamaha Drums

Rory Macartney endorses Aguilar Amplification 



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