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Track listing:

(1) The Healer

Composed Wilton Gaynair, Arranged Peter Herbolzheimer
Solos: Ben Hunt – Trumpet, Rodger Fox - Trombone, Anita Schwabe - Piano

(2) Crystal Silence

Composed Chick Corea, Arranged John Oddo
Solo: Rodger Fox -Trombone

(3) Too Close

Composed and Arranged Mike Booth
Solo: Mike Booth - Trumpet

(4) Hip Walk

Composed & Arranged Peter Herbolzheimer
Solos: Mike Booth – Trumpet, James Tate-Jamieson, Nick Granville – Guitar

(5) Baby, Get Lost

Composed Leonard Feather, Arranged Shaun Evans
Solos: Erna Ferry – Vocals, Oscar Laven - Saxophone

(6) Give One One Reason

Composed Tracy Chapman, Arranged Daniel Hayles
Solos: Erna Ferry – Vocals, Rodger Fox – Trombone, Nick Granville - Guitar

(7) Misty Blue

Composed Bob Montgomery, Arranged Vaughn Roberts
Solos: Erna Ferry – Vocals, Oscar Laven - Saxophone

(8) Quarter Master

Composed Michael League, Arranged Lauren Ellis
Solo: Oscar Laven – Tenor Saxophone, Byrn Van Vliet – Alto Saxophone

(9) Flying Fox

Composed & Arranged Bill Cunliffe
Solos: Oscar Laven – Tenor Saxophone, Benn Hunt – Trumpet,
Byrn Van Vliet – Alto Saxophone

(10) Foolin’ Over You

Composed Jonathan Fox,
Arranged by Chris Fox & Bill Cunliffe
Solos: Ben Hunt – Trumpet, Oscar Laven - Saxophone

(11) Okay With Jay

Composed & Arranged Jay Craig
Solo: Eilish Wilson – Baritone Saxophone



Rodger Fox plays Yamaha Trombones

Lauren Ellis plays Yamaha Drums

Nick Granville - Ibanez Guitars and Elixir Strings


Big Band Tracks and Vocals recorded at United Studios, Los Angeles

September 19 & 20, 2017

Recording Engineer – Talley Sherwood

Recording Assistant – Wes Seidman

Overdubs Tri-Tone Studios, Los Angeles September 21 & 22, 2017

Mixed and Mastered by Talley Sherwood at Tri -Tone Studios, Los Angeles, USA


Thanks to Musicworks New Zealand for their continued support.

To Jim Haler, Yamaha USA for suppling the drums required for the recording sessions.

Big thanks for Tim Jackson and the invitation to appear at the 60 th Monterey Jazz Festival.

Big up’s to Charles Ellicott for arranging performances at Yoshi’s in Oakland, and the Arcadia Blues Club in Los Angeles and the management and staff at all these venues.

These performances really helped the band get ready for the recording sessions at United Studios in Los Angeles.

Lastly at big thanks to all the players on the big band who work so hard to get the music to level heard on this record. Enjoy.

CD is dedicated to Andrew Leachman, Rob Wilson and Russ Toms.

Many thanks to all.

Best Rodger



Rodger Fox – Trombone / Musical Director


Bryn van Vliet – Alto
James Tait-Jamieson – Alto
Oscar Laven – Tenor
Andrew Donaldson - Tenor
Eilish Wilson – Baritone


Mike Booth – Lead Tracks
Ben Hunt – Lead Tracks
Jon Papenbrook - Lead Tracks
James Guilford-Smith
Chris Selley


Christopher Fox
Sean Tickle
Damian Forlong
Kurt Gibson


Anita Schwabe


Nick Granville


Rory Macartney


Lauren Ellis


Erna Ferry


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