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Energy, power and strength as jazz meets hip-hop


Two concerts are completed in Queenstown and Invercargill and the crowd get the jazz - hip-hop vibe with shouting and singing smiling faces all in for a good time.

It's all there - the energy King Kapisi brings to the concert is something to see... energy and joy for the music, bringing the Rodger Fox Big Band to life.

Our band is known for its own energy but the duel stage presence of Kapisi and my band brings power and strength to every performance.

Adding to the vibe is the inimitable Erna Ferry with a version of a Tom Waits song Coat of Paint and a ripping version of the Rolling Stones tune I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.

In this arrangement the crowd witnessed the free styling rapping power of King Kapisi and Rodger Fox jazz style scatting power.

This is one hellva a show, so I hope to see you at an upcoming gig near you?

Energy, power and strength as jazz meets hip-hop

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